Monday, May 2, 2011

Two Strand Twists n Curl Style, Short Natural Hair

Hey everyone!  I have decided to retire the wig protective stylin'!  My hair has some length, it's starting to get warmer, and I just really missed seeing my hair on a regular basis!  In perusing the hair boards and You Tube videos, I started to see that several people are doing this twist n curl thing.  All of the pictures were cute so I figured, let me try this on my short (4-5 inches all around) natural hair.

I love, love, love how this came out!  It reminds me of my short hair cut back when my hair was relaxed.  What I really love about this is I can rock a cute style, while protecting my hair at the same time.  This requires no extra maintenance at all.  I tie my hair up with a satin scarf at night.  I spray a moisturizer on it daily.  That's it!  The curls hold, the twists stay put!

I think I'll be doing this style for the remainder of the year, at least until I can pull my hair into a full puff.  I'm looking forward to how this will look as my hair gets longer!

Below is a You Tube Video tutorial of the look!

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