Monday, February 21, 2011

The Stash :)

One piece here, 3 pieces there, lots of fun everywhere!  Over the years, my purchases (both small and large) have led to the creation of this, my stash. By no means does my stash even begin to compare to some others I've seen but, it was enough to make my husband call me obsessed!

Continue reading for more pics!

 Even though I have quite a few products, I don't think I've yet to get to the bottom of an eyeshadow pan (I'm almost at the bottom of my Humid pan but, I think that's b/c it broke and I lost the pieces!).  So, in an effort to get my money's worth (which, might be hard to do given my late start and the size of my stash) I'm going to start doing at least 3 FOTDs each week (I'm going to try to shoot for 3 during the work week, and 2 each weekend). I also want to add some variety to the neighborhood by incorporating other brands into my stash.  I've read so many beautiful reviews of NARS, MUFE, Smashbox, Ben Nye, and Chanel products (just to name a few) that I can't wait to start exploring what those brands have to offer.

Hope you enjoy the looks.  The plan is to also attach a You Tube tutorial along with each FOTD.  Stay tuned.


  1. I gotta get my stuff organized!!!! I have stuff all over the place and the only things i have together neatly are my brushes :-/

  2. @ don't even want to see the stuff that hasn't been "put away" yet! At one point, I had stuff all over the house (up and downstairs)! At least right now, I've managed to keep it all in one room!

  3. I have a "stash" also, but I have managed to organize it pretty well...for the most part. :-)